What’s trending in the world of watches in 2024? it's about time

What’s trending in the world of watches in 2024? it's about time

While the wristwatch’s primary objective is to tell time, they’ve evolved over the years to offer so much more than that. “Gone are the days of the basic time-telling wristwatch. While that will always be their main function, they’re now sought after collector’s items with values into the millions. Plus, they’re fashion accessories, with many people considering no outfit complete without one,” explains watch expert and owner of Peter Machlup Fine Wristwatches, Peter Machlup

From a practical accessory to a status symbol and now a statement piece, a good wristwatch can effectively accent and pull together your look. “There are those who have a staple watch they wear daily for practical reasons, however many see it as expressing their sense of style, statement and personality - take Lewis Hamilton for example, he’ll wear up to seven or eight designer watches at one time. Then there are those who collect watches the same way one would collect shoes, so it’s this interest that has led to many different styles of watches and shifting yearly trends.” 

Here are the latest wrist watch trends that will see you through to the end of the year, says Machlup:

Minimalism - Minimalist wristwatches focus on the bare necessities and less is more when it comes to these styles. Far from dull, it’s hard not to like a sleek and simple design. In the fashion industry, there’s been a lot of emphasis on the importance of having basic pieces you can easily mix and match, and nowadays people are applying that mindset to more than just clothes. Minimalist watch designs are becoming a consumer favourite as they don’t overpower or clash. If a practical, yet chic, timepiece is what you’re after then this is the trend for you. 

The conscious consumer - With our oceans at war against plastic, and climate change happening at an alarming rate, many consumers are moving towards products ethically and responsibly sourced and made. With this shift, many companies in the watch industry have made significant changes by producing eco-friendly products and using biodegradable or upcycled packaging. There are a number of watches now being made from sustainable materials, such as recycled plastic, yarn, and even pineapple leaves. Plus, what could be more sustainable than buying second hand? 

Vintage-style - Vintage has always equalled fashionable, however, now with many 90s trends clawing their way back into the market, we may see vintage come back with new found force. Plus, given its prevalence in the watch industry as a whole, this could be a consumer favourite. While one may assume that all vintage watches look the same, reputable brands are continuously working on new looks, even while taking inspiration from older models.  These refreshed vintage-style watches make for a tempting keepsake for any consumer.